HOTM 2.0


If HOTM 1.0 could be described as, “Why Mormonism is false,” HOTM 2.0 would be described as, “Where a person can honestly turn to for truth.” Host Shawn McCraney is convinced, after years of trial and error, that Jesus has had the total victory over all things, that the Christian faith is entirely subjective, and that after years of serious investigation, most approaches to material religion are nothing but men and women running a business or club in Jesus name. HOTM 2.0 boldly and unashamedly accomplished two things. First, it called many of the local churches in the Salt Lake area to task for placing their congregates in religious bondage. These on-air critiques serve living models for viewers to examine and scrutinize organized churches in their respective communities. Secondly, the host offered all viewers a solution or way to live the faith, which he unapologetically calls, “the best approach to Christianity on the face of the earth.”


“We have follow-up programs to HOTM 1.0 that are aimed at helping people who have come out of Mormonism (and other religious systems) to know what to avoid (and look for) in their future religious affiliations.”

Shawn McCraney

A Free Gift from Shawn

Shawn has some writing he would like to give to you! It is called “Church Is Over, This I Know, For The Bible Tells Me So.” It is free as a gift. Below you can download one or both in a PDF version. We hope you will benefit from these free books and that they will bring you closer to the Lord!

Church is Over, This I Know, For The Bible Tells Me So

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