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Where Mormonism Meets Biblical Christianity, Est. 2006

Heart Of The Matter is a live television broadcast that boldly confronts the intersection of Mormonism and Biblical Christianity that originates from the Mecca of Mormonism itself, Salt Lake City.

In 2006, host Shawn McCraney began Heart Of The Matter to compare and contrast Mormonism with Biblical Christianity. From then until 2021, Shawn ardently and personally pursued an authentic relationship with and understanding of God based on a rigorous pursuit of Biblical context, all while hosting live weekly call-in episodes to bring his findings to light. In that time, he covered a full survey of the deconstruction of Mormonism and Evangelicalism as we know them.

On May 7th, 2024, Shawn revived Heart Of The Matter, entitling this era "Full Circle", and is bringing seekers what he has found to be The Great News.

Tune in live every Tuesday at 8PM MT. Brought to you by The Great News Network


In order of his nature, Shawn McCraney is an artist, a seeker of Truth and authentic expression, an iconoclast and a punk who maintains a large dose of suspicion for cultures, institutions, and consumerism and the marketing that surrounds it. He is an admitted Christian Anarchist who allows only Christ to serve as King in his life and rejects most of the demands that come from society, government, cultures and organized religion. He diligently seeks the Father in spirit and truth and everything he does is a reflection of these authentic heart-felt aims. In the last twenty years of his life he has become an independent student of the biblical narrative.


Faith Without Religion

Yeshua lived, died, rose and then returned in 70 A.D.
In turn, God reconciled the world to Himself, liberating us forevermore.
We call this biblical fulfillment.
So, what remains?

The Great News Network offers seeking believers educational supplements to enrich their personal pursuit of faith outside of organized religion.
We are a collection of individuals who create free educational resources about God and faith in our age of biblical fulfillment. For forty years, we have been dedicated to uncovering the truth about God, considering all aspects, all while remaining independent of institutional constraints and pressures. What we have discovered is humbling, liberating, and invaluable, especially for those in pursuit of Him.
In a world where traditional theologies are crumbling and institutions are failing, we are committed to offering sincere and dedicated research to seekers of Spiritual knowledge and growth that are thirsting in the desert that is modern religion. Our work delves into the contextual meaning of the Bible and its fulfillment, exploring how this understanding can liberate believers and foster deeply rooted and personal spiritual growth beyond the confines of material religion.
No matter who you are or what you believe, we invite you to join us in the pursuit of Spirit and Truth. We offer thousands of free, self-produced videos, teachings, courses, books, publications, art, and materials, all crafted to enrich your journey.


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If you have the means, we also accept donations to support the financial expenses that have gone into production of Heart of the Matter.

We accept all donations through our host network website. Heart of the Matter is a participating network in The Great News Network: spreading The Great News via religious supplements for seeking souls.