Heart of the Matter, “where Mormonism meets Biblical Christianity face to face”, was a live television broadcast produced in the Mecca of Mormonism, Salt Lake City. From 2006 – 2021, host Shawn McCraney provided entertaining and valuable knowledge on history and practices of Mormonism and, further, what it means to be a Born-Again Christian. 

After trading live television for live YouTube broadcasting in 2013, Shawn continued to pursue topics beyond Mormonism in alternative segments of Heart of the Matter, covering issues in and around Christianity and Evangelicalism at large. 

Shawn is the author of, most notably, “I Was a Born-Again Mormon”, “Mormonism A-Z”, “Revelations on Revelation”, and “Don’t F**k With Jesus” alongside dozes of other publications surrounding issues with religion today. This website,, archives the content produced by Shawn from 2006 – 2021. Select episodes have been removed from public access and are now available in our new online learning center called Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth.


From March 2006 to January 2013, Shawn McCraney hosted a weekly live call-in television program where he compared Mormonism with biblical Christianity.  These programs focused primarily on LDS history, doctrinal error and praxis endemic to Mormonism.  Today, after examining issues within modern Evangelicalism for the past seven years, Shawn is returning his focus to the LDS institution and members once again.  This time however, his approach is aimed at helping LDS people to understand the liberty that is found in a direct relationship with Jesus Christ and the bondage institutionalized religion automatically produces when seeking to establish itself in between the believer and God.  In other words, instead of focusing on doctrine, history and practices of brick and mortar religion, Shawn will focus more on concepts about freedom, spiritual emancipation, and the utter liberty God wants all of His children to have in and through His Son via the Holy Spirit.












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In order of his nature, Shawn McCraney is an artist, a seeker of Truth and authentic expression, an iconoclast and a punk who maintains a large dose of suspicion for cultures, institutions, and consumerism and the marketing that surrounds it. He is an admitted Christian Anarchist who allows only Christ to serve as King in his life and rejects most of the demands that come from society, government, cultures and organized religion. He diligently seeks the Father in spirit and truth and everything he does is a reflection of these authentic heart-felt aims. In the last twenty years of his life he has become an independent student of the biblical narrative. We encourage you to check out his website to know more about what he has worked on.

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Shawn has a real sincerity in his ways without fear of men or criticism. He says it like it is, like scripture so clearly speaks truth.
Michael Anderson