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Heart of the Matter has come full circle, and we are here to DEFEND. Tune into Heart of the Matter: Full Circle each Tuesday at 8PM MT starting May 7th, 2024.

MAY 7th 2024



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Our phone line will open on May 7th at 6PM. We will post our phone number right here and across all HOTM social channels by May 1. Our operators will be there to answer calls for the entire duration of the show on May 7th, and every Tuesday evening thereafter. We encourage you to submit a question in the form below and Shawn will address them all live the best he can.


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I left Mormonism 10 years ago, and my family has fallen apart. I don't know how to reconcile what we had before
What is special about this new hotm full Circle? Is it gonna be different than the old stuff?
I don't think Mormonism should be defended at all. It is not true Christianity. Why would you do this?
I Love each n every one of you and im thankful for this ministry...my question is.. would it be wrong to take a job in and alchahol distribution center..i know the dmamges it has caused many..or would it be better to work in a gun store selling ammunition which those things have caused alot of terrible things too.. please help me im so torn on what to do..im trying to find a new job and this debate came up with some family
Can you offer specifically where Smith taught that GOD learned to become a God on a planet near a star he called Kolob. And can you specify what court documents convicted Joseph Smith of fraud?
Mark Petersen, a Mormon Leader said in 1954 that a black person can go to the Celestial Kingdom if they are faithful. But they will go there as a servant. This is obviously troubling to hear especially given the history of what has happened to those who are of that race. I have black children and it hurts to hear such awful rhetoric. My question is has this doctrine ever been addressed or changed? And if so, wouldn’t that make Petersen a false Prophet. What many forget is that Mormons don’t just have 1 Prophet at a time. They have 15. 1 just happens to be the President of The Church. But they believe all are Prophets. So if he’s correct, how can you stand by this Church. And if He’s wrong how can you stand by him or any of the things he claimed, or stand by those who called him to be a leader in The Church?
What is the point of praying about what Mormon leaders tell their members to do? When if you get the feeling or answer that what was “prophesied” means that you you just got your answer from “the wrong source”? Why pray about it at all if you’re just supposed to go along with what claimed by Mormon leaders?
For our Mormon friends and other believers alike. They say there is a saving power in the name of Jesus. How do you explain that power when the name of Christ is not Jesus it’s Yeshua? Many evangelicals say you need to literally say his name to be saved. Why would Christ want you to say a name that isn’t him to be saved? For our Mormon friends specifically. Mormonism claims that Joseph Smith was given the powers from Christ himself to start “his” Church. And name it “The Church of JESUS Christ of Latter Day Saints. Christ forgot his own name? Mormonism claims that Joseph Restored the “fullness of the Gospel” why didn’t he restore his name to the world? And if Joseph is supposed to restore everything. Why did/is the Mormon Church taking many things Joseph “Restored” away? Polygamy? Temple Oaths that were changed in 1989? What’s the point of “restoring” these things just get rid of them again in a relatively short time considering the eternities?
If Nelson is a prophet. Why wouldn’t God communicate with him how bad 2020 was going to get? Covid? Earthquakes that knocked their angel Moroni off the temple, many unprecedented events at that time and the only thing he did was change the Church Logo?
Why would you defend a religion that was started by joseph smith? Are you okay with the fact that he r*ped young girls and was a known con man? Look up fanny Alger. Look up The CES letter. He was literally murdered in a jail where he was being imprisoned for burning down a printing press that was posting articles about him being a pedophile. Joseph Smith is just the older lds version of Warren jeffs
06/04/2024I love you Shawn! I ended up giving away thay Chevy Avalanche to someone with less good use for it. Have you returned to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or to some varation of it?


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Heart of the Matter, a live television broadcast that boldly confronts the intersection of Mormonism and Biblical Christianity, originates from the heart of Mormonism itself – Salt Lake City. Between 2006 and 2021, Shawn McCraney, the host, shared both entertaining and insightful perspectives on the history and practices of Mormonism, as well as delving into the essence of being a Born-Again Christian.

Transitioning from live television to YouTube broadcasting in 2013, Shawn expanded the scope of Heart of the Matter. He explored topics beyond Mormonism, engaging with issues within Christianity and Evangelicalism on a broader scale.

Mark your calendars for May 7th, 2024, when Shawn will revive Heart of the Matter with a fresh approach titled “Heart of the Matter: Full Circle.” This live call-in show, airing on Tuesday evenings at 8 PM MT, is a dedicated pursuit to empower individuals with the liberating knowledge of The Great News. In the Full Circle Series, Shawn aims to expose institutions that constrain believers today while providing them with spiritual insights to stand independently with God.

Notably, Shawn is the author of works such as “I Was a Born-Again Mormon,” “Mormonism A-Z,” “Revelations on Revelation,” and “Don’t F**k With Jesus,” among dozens of other publications addressing contemporary religious issues. The website, hotm.tv, serves as an archive for Shawn’s content from 2006 to 2021. For select episodes no longer publicly accessible, you can find them in our online learning center called Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth.