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The Transversional Apostolic Record™

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Most frequent questions and answers

A translation of the Apostolic Record is a version where scholars go to the most reliable and available manuscripts of the ancient text and appeal to them in actually writing and providing a new Translation.

That is not me.  I am actually going to take the King James and appeal to it as it stands.  However, having taught the contents of the Apostolic Record of the King James for some thirty-five years, I am well aware where that translation fails and how it should be interpreted differently in a number of places.  This is where I will appeal to other versions of the Bible (including the original languages) as a means to illuminate some words, phrases (and even passages) that ought to be reconsidered. Putting this approach together, the Apostolic Record will be a Transversional account – not a new translation, and not only a new version, but a unique combination of both.

Primarily, to help every reader see what is “Descriptive” in the text, and how to differentiate it from what is “Prescriptive.”

It is estimated that the Transversional Apostolic Record will most likely be about 1200 pages in length will be printed in China where most of the worlds thin-paper Bibles are printed today.  We will print 5000 paperbacks originally and 1000 top quality leather-bound first editions while also making the Transversion available electronically.