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Pre-Existence – Part 2

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Of all the topics unique to Mormonism this one is toward the top in making LDS doctrine distinct. It is one of the most difficult doctrines for faithful Latter ­Day Saints to let go. The teaching of the pre­mortal existence is all about the spirit ­life of all human creations prior to mortality. It includes the belief that we were not all equal in obedience to God in the pre-­existence. Because some were more valiant than others they are often more blessed in this life in a number of different areas.

A belief in a pre-­mortal existence is the only way we can view God in the face of the suffering and inequality that exists on this earth. Therefore, because the lower socio­economic status of many races in third world countries, as compared to the white males in leading economic countries, skin color was without question tied to pre­mortal life valiancy. Those who were not valiant in the pre­mortal existence are handicapped by their former decisions while here on earth.

Anciently, Hebrews did not think of themselves as dual beings composed of both body and spirit, but merely as bodies animated by the breath of life. In the Genesis account of the creation of man, it depicts this animating power of breath coming from God. To an Old Testament Jew, their soul was simply their life given by God breathing His Spirit into the clay.

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