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Creation – Part V

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Creation ­ Part V

There are debates on the age of the earth and the time of creation. None of this changes the Good News. Believe however you are going to believe ­ but know that God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son to save us and He did. The rest creates division and is antithetical to the Body of Christ. The Bible nowhere directly teaches the age of the earth. It is commonly suggested that this is such a plain reading of Scripture that the only people who doubt it are those who have been influenced by Darwin and his Darwinian successors. But it may come as a surprise to some conservatives that some of the great stalwarts of the faith were not convinced of the Young Earth Theory.

There are good textual reasons ­ in the creation account itself ­ for questioning the interpretation that insists on the days as strict 24 hour periods. When God refers to “days,” does he want us to mentally substitute the word “eons” or “ages”? No. Does He want us to think of precise units of time, marked by 24 exact hours as the earth makes a rotation on its axis? No. Does He want us to think of the Hebrew workday? Yes, in an analogical and anthropomorphic sense. Just as the “seventh day” makes us think of an ordinary calendar day (even though it isn’t technically a 24­ hour period), so the other “six days” are meant to be read in the same way. God is portrayed as a workman going through his workweek, working during the day and resting for the night. Then on the Sabbath, he enjoys a full and refreshing rest. Our days are like God’s workdays, but not identical to them. How long were God’s workdays? The Bible doesn’t say. But there is no reason to insist that they were only 24 hours long.

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Knife to a Gun Fight

Ever wonder why there are so many different interpretations of the Bible? A book that apparently has all the answers but winds up being understood in a thousand different ways? Could it be that it was never meant to provide objective solutions to the world but to instead serve individual believers as a map for their respective walk? Have we misinterpreted the purpose and place of the New Testament today?

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