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Hello to all of our listening audience! If you have seen our shows you know we are not sponsored by fancy corporations and in fact pay for our own air time. Compared to the major church corporation here in Salt Lake City, we are like David taking on Goliath!

Most of the staff and workers that make the show possible, do so on their own time and at their own expense. Heart of the Matter is definitely a labor of love.

So how can you give financially to keep us going? Glad you asked! We came up with two simple categories of giving: Partners and Friends. Below are the descriptions for each and hopefully it’s simple enough to understand. God bless you guys and thank you for helping us  reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Become a HOTM Partner by donating to the ministry of $85-$more a month or a single donation of $200 or $1000.00.

As an HOTM Partner, you will, with our heart-felt thanks, receive the following:

  • A update from Shawn on the activities of the ministry and the state of the battle for souls.
  • A quarterly report from our financial oversight committee detailing the use of your funds along with an open-book picture of our finances.
  • An invitation to our annual “Heart of the Matter” Banquet held each year in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • The knowledge that you play an integral part in the survival of a uniquely crafted television ministry.
  • And lastly, a one-of-a-kind Heart of the Matter “Howdy Partner” t-shirt (certain to be a collector’s item – in about a century). Be sure to Message Shawn on the reciept page to get your “Howdy Partner t-shirt.” Indicate your size from Small to 4X.
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Become a HOTM Friend with a regular monthly donation of $1.00-$83.00, or a single donation of up to $999.00. No amount is too small! Give anything over these amounts to become a HOTM Partner.

    • As an HOTM Friend you will have the knowledge that you play an integral part in the survival of a uniquely crafted television ministry.




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Some of you have asked to use PayPal to donate to Heart of the Matter. The links are below!

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